The Introduction

The Introduction

The Introduction


Dr. Nicole Doss




Lauren had been feeling uneasy all day, a strange sort of premonition that something was going to happen. It could have been the rain; it had been coming down all day and wasn't supposed to let up until the next day. She brushed it off as just her imagination playing tricks on her and got in the car for the long drive home from work. Little did she know that this night would be one she'd never forget.


The road stretched out before her like an endless ribbon of dull gray pavement, winding its way through the dark countryside. Suddenly, without warning, Lauren's car sputtered and died right there in the middle of nowhere with nothing but darkness and rain surrounding her.


Desperately trying not to panic, Lauren stumbled out into the chilly wet night air, her nipples erect on her large, full breasts. Her blouse and skirt quickly became soaked and clung to her taut body. Her long red hair stuck to her back and face. She looked around for help when suddenly she saw a light emanating from a small house nearby. Gathering up what little courage she could muster, Lauren set off towards it hoping someone would be able to assist her in getting back home safely.


She walked up to a quaint little country cottage nestled amongst some trees and knocked on the door timidly only for it to swing open revealing Jack, dressed only in his jeans. His bare muscular chest was all Lauren could focus on. She felt her lush pussy tingle with desire. Jack was a tall handsome young man who lived alone here at this secluded location far away from civilization; a fact that he was grateful for as he took in Lauren's wet, dripping body. He noticed her large breasts rise and fall in her white button-up shirt, which had become translucent with rainwater. Jack welcomed Lauren into his sparsely furnished home with open arms despite barely knowing anything about who she was or why exactly she had appeared at his doorstep so late at night.


Jack ushered her in and quickly brought her a towel and cocoa. He tried not to stare as Lauren bent over to dry her right leg and the her left. Her clothes were still soaked. Jack's breath caught. Lauren stood up and stared at Jack and bit her lip. She knew what she wanted. She stepped up close to him and handed him her towel, which he slung over his shoulder. "I could use some help getting out of these wet clothes. They get stuck when I'm so wet." Jack kept his eyes locked onto hers and smiled. He took the last step needed to fill the space between them. Jack reached out with his strong hands and slowly began to unbutton Lauren's blouse. She had worn her red bra that day. It was the only one clean. It barely contained her round, heaving breasts. Jack slid the shirt off of her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor. He looked at her breasts in that slightly too small bra and felt his dick get hard beneath his jeans.


Lauren turned around and pulled her long red hair to the side. She peeked back over her bare shoulder. She looked Jack in the eye and said, "Please? I'm so wet." He unhooked her bra and watched as she let it fall to the ground. Jack reached out his right hand and ran his fingers down her spine. When he reached her skirt, he unzipped it and let it fall to the ground too. Lauren's glistening round ass was perfectly framed by her thong and firelight played on each cheek. Jack wanted to grab it with both hands, but stopped himself. Make her wait, he thought. Instead he reached out with his right hand and gently carressed her hip's skin beneath the thong. He traced her skin around the boundaries of her thong until he'd found her pussy. It was so wet and warm.


Lauren turned around and looked at him. Her long hair was beginning to dry in soft waves and rested gently on her naked breasts. She reached up a hand and began to play with her nipples. "They're so hard! Feel!" she begged. Jack closed what little distance lay between them and cupped her breast on his strong hands. He felt them respond to him as if they had a mind of their own, becoming taught. Lauren moaned. Jack lowered his face to her breasts and sucked each one in turn. He grazed her nipple with his teeth when he finally let them go. He pulled his face up to meet her gaze. He could see need in those eyes. He felt it too; a need that was becoming painful as his rock-hard dick started pressing on his zipper. He grabbed her head and brought her mouth to meet his. When they kissed, she nearly came.

She reached for the buttons on his jeans and frantically started to rip them open. She went to grab his dick when he reached his hand down and stopped her. "No. Not yet."


Jack lowered himself to his knees bracing himself on her. He noticed she was still in her heels and he caressed her supple legs with both hands. He ran both hands up her body until he reached her thong. He lowered it slowly to her ankles and helped her out of it. Jack reached up again to grab her hips and pulled her pussy to his mouth. He began to lick her clit and suck on her. "Oh! Oh! Yes!", she gasped breathlessly. He brought his right hand up between her legs as he rhythmically sucked and licked her. She tasted amazing.


He brought two thick fingers to her pussy and gently worked her open. He slid his fingers in and out of her and sucked her while she moaned in ecstasy. His rhythms became faster and harder. She went to grab his head to push his face into her, but resisted and stroked his hair instead. As his rhythm and intensity rose, so did her outcries. Finally, she did push his face into her as she came. It was like no orgasm she had ever had. It flooded through her in waves. She had to push his face away as the intensity became too much for her. She nearly fell to the floor in satisfaction and pleasure.


In a moment, she began to recover. She looked over Jack's body and could feel herself moisten. There would never be enough of him. He stood up, his jeans unbuttoned. From her knees, she pulled his jeans to the floor. Black boxer briefs barely contained Jack's massive cock. She worked those down to his knees too and helped him to get them off.


Lauren had never seen a cock this big. It had to be 10 inches long with matching massive girth. She was intimidated, but she was willing to try. She reached out with her hands and gently, but firmly began to stroke his shaft. He didn't need any help. He was rock hard. She brought his dick to her full wet lips and took him in her mouth. She worked his tip with her tongue and began to suck. It became clear right away that she'd never be able to take all of him in her mouth. He pulled her to her feet and into his arms. She wrapped her long legs around his hips and he entered her. She moaned with the first, experimental thrust. "Oh yeah! Oh my God! What a cock!" He brought her over to the sofa and rested her ass on the edge. He began to pump. He thrust himself, gently at first, into her. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him in deeper. As he thrust faster and faster, Lauren's pussy responded clenching down to hold him. When he was fully inside of her his cock was able to tickle that spot that made her quiver with pleasure.


Jack pulled her up and turned her around, ass in the air, bent over the back if the couch. She looked so hot with her hair resting on her back. Jack's cock began to pulse with need. He drove himself into her, all gentleness gone from him. Only animal desire remained as he thrusted into her faster and faster. He could feel the pressure building and the need grew even stronger. He needed to be in her. He needed to own her pussy.


Lauren's g-spot was mercilessly pounded again and again. Every thrust was ecstasy to her; a micro-orgasm. She needed his cock inside her. She needed it to consume her. She felt her blood rise and that pressure build. The pressure in Jack's body was at the breaking point. Oh my God!! Fuck me!! he thought. And then, it happened. His blood rushed, pleasure like none he had ever known rocked through him and he came inside her. She came too. Screaming into the night, "Oh. My. Godddd!!" He hung onto her as wave after wave of bliss rocked through him and into her and she passed each wave back to him. Sweaty and exhausted, they collapsed in a heap and caught their breath.


"I'm Lauren, by the way," said Lauren looking into Jack's eyes and smiling. She offered her right hand to shake. "Jack," said Jack. "Nice to meet you."


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