The Flame of Carborough-2

The Flame of Carborough-2

It was on the night of Calla’s 18th birthday and she had been allowed to let Sakura keep her company in bed. They laughed with each other easily, their sheer dressing gowns hanging loosely from their bodies. They giggled and spoke of all the young men in the area. "I saw Lord Hastings coupling with the miller’s wife in the woods last week. The Lord had her screaming to God and begging him, for more!”, said Sakura. “Really?” Calla asked. Then, shyly she pursued with, “what…exactly…did they do? I mean…how do you?…how did they?...How could she…?” “how do you fuck, d’ya mean? Or how did he make her cum?”, she said with absolute confidence. “I didn’t know women could...What does it feel like? How does it happen?”

Sakura looked at her friend earnestly. “Have you…discovered yourself? You know…down there?” “What do you mean?” “There’s like a little button down there, between your nether lips, and when you touch it and rub it just right and for enough time, you explode! And you feel this rush of pleasure! Well, more than pleasure. Ecstasy! Its amazing!” “So I would have to touch…down there? I don’t think I could ever…”

Sakura moved closer to her and she caught her friend’s eyes and smiled. They were lying on their sides, facing each other. Sakura said, “I can help. Take off your shift.” “What?” Sakura began to pull it off for her, though Calla did not resist very much. Sakura looked at Calla kneeling and sitting on her ankles on the bed. “You have the perfect body! I’m so jealous!” Call looked down shyly, then smiled back up at Sakura. Sakura brought her forehead and laid it on Callas. “You’re my best friend, you know,” she whispered to her. “you’re mine, too”, Calla said a little breathlessly. “Do you believe that I love you?” she said. “That I would never hurt you?” “Yes…” she whispered and felt blood creep into her face.

Sakura pulled her own shift over her head and asked, “Am I pretty?” Calla took in her friend’s naked body. She had large, perfectly rounded breasts and a slim torso. Her face was heart-shaped, and she had soft black hair that curled in waves and hung over one breast. She looked like something a lascivious man had invented for his own pleasure. “You’re beautiful”, said Calla. “I feel like such a girl around you,” said Calla noticing her own petite frame and slight body.


“Touch them,” said Sakura glancing at her breasts. Calla lifted one tenuous hand and took her friends breast in it. It was soft and heavy, and her small hands could not contain it. Calla was entranced. She rubbed her thumbs over Sakura’s nipple and saw it harden under her touch. “Can you kiss it?” Calla smiled and blushed. Slowly, nervously, she leaned over and kissed the inside of her friend’s breast. A chaste kiss.

“Do you want to learn how to kiss, Calla? How to really kiss?” Calla feeling bold, shook her head yes, but said nothing. Sakura reached out and put one hand around Calla’s waist and one hand around her shoulder. She pulled her in and their mouths joined quickly and pulled away. Sakura brought her mouth back down on Calla’s more insistently and her tongue pushed its way past her lips. Calla opened herself to her and felt the blood rush to her face and her loins tingle. She felt need. She needed something from Sakura, though she didn’t know what.

“Can you feel that Calla? Do you feel it in your sex?” Sakura whispered. “Yes…” Calla said breathlessly. “That is the pull of one soul to another. I feel it in mine too. It sparks the need.” Sakura pulled away. “Now, lay down,” she instructed. Calla did as she was bid. Sakura kneeled between Calla’s thighs. She started to caress her at her knees and slid her hands slowly down her thighs. “Here’s where you must trust me, Calla. I’m going to kiss you down there. Do you want me to?” She asked. “Yes,” said Calla, hungry and scared and curious all at once.

Sakura put her face down by Calla’s sex and brought her hand to work her lips apart. She saw the button, the source of Calla’s ecstasy, and she placed her mouth on it. She wiggled her tongue around it. Call gasped, a little shocked. Sakura played gently with her clitoris with her tongue easing her into the feeling of it. “Ohh…”, Calla began to utter. Encouraged, Sakura pushed forward. She closed her mouth over her and began to suck rhythmically and slowly at first. “OH!” exclaimed Calla. Should she stop her? “She didn’t think she could even if she wanted her to.

Sakura slipped a finger into her wetness and found her opening. She gently worked it open, back, and forth, until finally she pushed into her. A gasp arose from Calla, but no signal to stop. So Sakura pushed into her faster, sucked faster, licked faster. Harder, faster, rhythmically until finally…”Oh, Oh, Oh…nguh!!” she exclaimed as she convulsed in ecstasy. Calla Found her hand pulling Sakura’s face further into her as she came.


Profound ease came over Calla, and every worry she had ever had in her head drifted away. Sakura pulled herself back towards her friend and wiped her mouth. Calla Looked at her friend, dazed. She kissed her forhead and reached for her hand. “I…I…I didn’t know…” Calla breathed out. “Is it like that with a man? Will it feel like that?” “Well, not exactly like that. Men feel different,” explained Sakura. “How?” Calla asked.  Sakura thought. “Men are harder. When you kiss them, they are more aggressive, and they usually have facial hair or stubble. Their bodies are hard, at least the good-looking ones are. So that feels different. I’ve never had intercourse with a man, so I don’t know how that will be. The Miller’s wife certainly seemed to enjoy herself.”


Calla rolled on her side and looked into Sakura’s eyes. She took her friend’s hand and smiled at her. “Sakura, is it wrong what we’ve done? I know its only harlots and wanton women that let men near their maiden’s head before marriage. But we’re just friends. Will anyone be angry with us?” Sakura looked at her thoughtfully. “I don’t think its wrong. I think its natural. I mean, another girl showed me. But… I don’t think men will see it that way. I don’t think the Church approves either. So, I think we should keep it secret, between us. And I think we should be very careful.” Calla looked down and frowned at the idea of a new secret.

Then she looked up and smiled, slyly. “Can we do it again?”, she asked. Sakura laughed out loud and brought her friend into her arm. “Yes, if we’re careful. And if you learn how to do it for me. Friendships go both ways, you know.”

Calla laughed and kissed her friend affectionately, then tentatively brought her hand to Sakura’s breast and kneaded it gently. Taking her nipple into her mouth, she began to really explore it, sucking and tasting it and Sakura could feel her blood rise again. They didn’t sleep that night. The next day they couldn’t catch one another’s eyes without giggling.

To be continued...


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